It’s Raining Jellyfish

It took me a minute to decide what to be,

It was easy, simple, decided unanimously,

I would dress up as Rain, inspired by the weather,

Plastic bags and foil recycled for the endeavor,

An old hat was covered with filmy polythene sheets,

Aluminum strips attached, twirled with shiny pleats,

But instead everyone agreed, a unanimous motion,

That I was an amazing jellyfish from the ocean,

And although their opinion held some allure,

I was not a jelly fish and I would not concur,

Did they not see my potential being a rainy storm,

With or without mask not a spineless form,

Or my wish to float and live in a fluffy cloud,

To shower the earth, with downpours wet and loud,

But maybe, when dressed in deep disguise,

One mask covered by a new mask of lies,

What’s on view is what the other wishes to see,

And which has nothing to do with costumes or me,

So although I insist that I am the rain today,

Perhaps next year being a jelly fish will be okay.

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