Has Anybody Seen A Plane

The people waited for the plane to land,

But were told that they might as well disband,

The plane is lost, we don’t know where,

But we are looking for it, do not despair,

We have searched the sky in the clouds and more,

Way up high and down low to be quite sure,

It was not playing with us a game of hide and seek,

Overplayed, not fun or funny for more than a week,

We have peeped using spyware from outer space,

We have built up evidence for a hijacking case,

We have examined signals, satellites, GPS the lot,

There is no kind of tracking not used or forgot,

The crew on board have been checked and we,

Have been in their homes to understand and see,

If they are normal, extremist types or stable,

Whether the passengers or pilots are able,

To be on missions of radical or personal intent,

Just to understand where the missing plane went,

Tens of countries called in to help, all looking,

How could fake passports be used for a booking?

The sea so deep and blue has not been left out,

We have checked that too for a lost plane about,

But the disappearing act is still a mystery not solved,

Disconcerting to all travelers how this has evolved,

How could something as big as a plane disappear?

Perhaps its fate and whereabouts to you is clear,

A theory not heard which may surprise and confound,

It is in that place of lost luggage, which has never been found.

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