Stick It

Here’s a thought the next time you see,

An old aged pensioner a she or a he,

Walking with the aid of a stick or cane,

You think a sign of infirmity and pain,

But I heard from a source from such a bloke,

Who had lost his stick or so he spoke,

No, he did not worry how he would stroll,

As his stick was not for that purpose or goal,

The traffic he would stop with this length of wood,

The cars not hooting as he shuffled and then stood,

And when he boarded a train or a bus,

The stick raised high would cause a fuss,

People would stand so that he had a choice of seat,

In case he tired his aged legs and feet,

But he was not worried that this would now end,

As his age he wore and young he could not pretend,

Apparently what a stick is really essential for,

Is that your bags be carried, picked up from the floor,

To be placed wherever you point or desire,

No need for you to even ask or enquire,

For this reason, this man had more than one spare,

And so he was not that full of dread and despair,

But it occurred to me a name change was applicable,

The term walking stick was not adequately explicable,

I will call it more aptly an old people’s magic wand,

For the not old to feel good even when being conned?

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