Time To Exercise

Is there an hour of the day and night?

A time which would be considered just right,

To exercise, part of a healthy life style,

To jog or run fast mile after mile,

It’s just when my son told me that,

He was off for a cycle, while I sat,

Gathering the energy to go to bed,

Sure there was something wise that should be said,

After all one in the morning is not the time,

To cycle without good reason or rhyme,

And I struggled with the answer, knowing,

That logic didn’t support him not going,

After all he was not tired, he’d slept all day,

There wouldn’t be much traffic on the way,

No problem of dehydration or burns from the sun,

Better than the computer, more healthy and fun,

No pollution from cars or industrial smoke,

Until the population with daylight awoke,

No worry of other cyclists to overtake,

Or dressing up for fashion’s sake,

Was I trapped by the cage of convention?

A cause of concern, needing my attention,

I had it all wrong, after midnight was ideal,

For someone to cycle, ride on a wheel,

But still I did not let my son go, after thinking a lot,

Just in case I had forgotten the learnt reason why not.

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