Is This A Blog

I’ve something for your BLOB said my dad,

I have something quite funny to add,

And I laughed so hard before he could,

Tell me about that funny thing he would,

What’s a BLOB dad, you mean my BLOG,

His eyes clouded over, a confused fog,

Does it really matter, the thing you write,

Over one name or another, let’s not fight,

Maybe he had a point, what’s a BLOG after all,

Is it not a web log trying to sound cool,

And yet is this a journal or just a rant in rhyme,

Which I seem to repeat from time to time,

Why not call it a BRHYME, makes much sense,

A rhyming verse on the web in my defense,

But perhaps a BLOB is more suitable to explain,

This drop of substance with which I stain,

A miniscule path in that world of cyberspace,

Where invisible people live, don’t see, no face,

Yup, my dad was not wrong, it’s a BLOB that I do,

So watch out, too late, it’s heading over to you.

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