Can You Imagine Six Million

Please pretend here, just for now, that average you are,

Although I have never met average, not near and not far,

Imagine Mr. Average living in a German town in 1945,

Him and his family very much alive,

Can you imagine Averages in Germany, Poland, Austria waking up,

To find Else gone, men, women and children, yup,

Perhaps, when so many non-averages are disappeared and just disappear,

Average people can no longer count numbers, or forget who lived here,

Perhaps they did not see those Elses that were missing, no more,

They just weren’t, not even casualties of Mr. Average’s war,

Can you imagine six million, maybe, probably not,

But six million is made up of ones, two, fives, tens, a lot,

Remember that Mr. Averages who apparently don’t see,

Don’t say that it couldn’t happen to my friend averages and me,

Are you sure you’re an average, Mr. Average does not exist,

Perhaps you and me are all Elses, and being average you must resist.

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