It’s Facebook Real

I love seeing my friends’ posts after post,

Looking so happy, having fun in most,

Everyone’s smiling and looking so pretty,

Their jokes and articles, interesting and witty,

Comments from others how beautiful they are,

How they are successful, gone so far,

It’s just wonderful, wonderland on my Facebook,

However hard I search and wherever I look,

So when I went on a boat for a friend’s celebration,

And after five minutes made an unsettling revelation,

The waves and the boat made my head feel the sea,

Swaying up, down and all over, feeling very giddy,

And then all of a sudden, just out of the blue,

There was no way of stopping it, nothing to do,

I vomited over board aimed at the culprit ocean,

Again and again to the beat of the up and down motion,

And finally reaching land I staggered home fast,

Relived it was over and already in the past,

Virtual reality then grabbed the past in my life,

Cool photographs were posted with no hint of strife,

A smile on my face, everyone had liked, agreed,

I’d had a wonderful sailing morning, so lucky indeed,

But if I was to accuse Facebook of a lie and appeal,

Would that make my Facebook friends, virtual, not real.

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