Having Fun…Selfying

The star strutted onto the dimly lit stage,

His diminutive figure full of artistic rage,

And the tens of thousands in the crowd,

Waited for the music and singing too loud,

And his bad boy songs immediately struck a chord,

With the fans who screamed and almost roared,

They were young the fans, mostly teens,

Only a few like me, more mature has beens,

But I couldn’t stop myself from dancing along,

My body’s reaction to the beat of the song,

With my face turned towards the performing band,

I shook my hips, moved arm and hand,

But the kids in front had their backs to the act,

Trying to prove to their friends that it was fact,

They were having the best time, loads of fun,

As they smiled and pouted each and every one,

And selfy after selfy they took this pose and that,

Missing out on everything of where they were at,

In fact this was all that they did selfying at play,

Instead of dancing or even looking the right way,

And you may have seen them in their posted pic,

Not even realizing that they were taking the mick,

They could have been anywhere with their cellphone,

Proving to you that they’re happy and not alone,

What a scary thing for anyone to enjoy the most,

Not living, but what their friends see in a post,

I hope this was not the norm just a narcissistic exception,

That life in the selfie era is no photographic conception.

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