Perfect Present Or Not

Don’t bring me back anything from Madrid, please,

Really, nothing at all I said with apparent ease,

For a fleeting second I saw images of leather bags,

And beautiful Spanish clothes seen in glossy mags,

But no, I did not want to hurt his feelings with a why,

Based on past experience of what he liked to buy,

However, he could not come home empty handed,

As I found out after his plane had landed,

He presented me with what he thought was a win,

Eagerly awaiting my reaction with a little grin,

I opened up the bag and brought out from within,

My gift, sardines from Spain stored in a tin,

I looked at the tin for any artistic decorative effects,

But it was regular packaging, no flourishes or defects,

And the sardines themselves were just regular sardines,

I contemplatively thought, wondering what this means,

No mere present it was a sacrifice on his part,

Sardines were banned in our house for a start,

He could not stand them, not their taste, not their smell,

And although off the mark I admitted he’d done well,

After all it was a sign that he really knew who was me,

Which was surely the perfect gift, or at least the key.

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