Is There More To See In Paris

My friend Korenstein reminded me that,

A place we had spent only a weekend at,

Was Paris, well over twenty years ago,

When we got a free conference trip although,

Instead of lectures we did Paris in two days,

Raced through the streets, learned their ways,

A complex of tubes at the Centre Pompidou,

Conversing in Franglais, meandering through,

The Seine, Notre Dame we passed it all,

Including the Eiffel Tower, really so tall,

No need to go up, the sight was enough,

So much to see, choosing was tough,

We burst into the Louvre and headed for,

The minute Mona Lisa, which we just about saw,

Putting us in the mood to have a portrait done,

A potential investment, half smiling serious fun,

Eating croissant, baguette, and more croissant, baguette,

Down the Champs-Elysees people’s fashion to vet,

We grabbed a cappuccino and felt like a local,

Speaking O’ level French with English vocal,

Our hotel was covered with art on the walls,

Which inspection revealed as pornographic smalls,

Oh we walked and we walked and we walked,

Just stopping so the tourist spots could be gawked,

Before boarding a plane back home as we weren’t staying,

Ready for more conferences and for travel without paying.

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