The Path Of Music

I had been given tickets to the concert you see,

It was cultural entertainment and it was free,

We arrived on time at the Mount of Olives venue,

And I perused fleetingly the night’s music menu,

The auditorium was of glass with a sight to behold,

Jerusalem, the old and the new city, shining in gold,

And cast under the city’s spell the music began,

I listened, closed my eyes, imitating a true fan,

I nodded, swayed and hummed without any qualms,

To the lovely recital of Beethoven and Brahms,

But I could not get lost in it, I could not even find,

A path that would lead me close to a music mind,

I watched the violinist and she was gone, not here,

As she became one with the instrument she held near,

I was mesmerized as to where she had been taken,

To a different dimension if I’m not mistaken,

Whilst I was still there where I’d begun in the hall,

Sitting on my seat, not seeing in this room which was full,

The violin became part of the player who floated on stage,

And I envied her full immersion in melodic rage,

Well that was really nice I remarked at the end,

But it had left me feeling envious I won’t pretend,

That I can’t even ask for directions to there,

The place the violinist vanished to, who knows where.

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