A Mother

She left her three young children, the youngest less than one,

Resolution mixed with sadness, decisions not to be undone,

She left her husband, her family and everything held dear,

For their benefit to provide for them she left and came here,

She arrived from the Philippines in Israel, a foreign land,

To care for a child she did not know, to be his working hand,

And she looked after him and knew him as if her own,

Like a son, a brother to her sons from which she’d flown,

She set up Skype so that her family was virtually with her,

They could talk together, see each other where they were,

Rooms which could not be touched, but entered with eyes,

To celebrate bits of everyday life both mundane and surprise,

They lived their lives for about nine years in this different way,

Apart but living together separated by a screen day after day,

And I did not ever hear her complain, I did not hear one moan,

As she cared for both her families, their rock, their stone,

She lovingly looked after her Israeli son until it was his time to,

Join his Maker and bring her back home, time for her to do,

But her efforts are rewarded by her children having a chance to be,

Whoever they want, with options, no longer stuck in poverty,

Can you imagine being able to make such a personal sacrifice,

I wonder would you a mother be able to pay such a high price.

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2 Responses to A Mother

  1. Leora says:

    Beautiful, Dalia. I have often thought about those mothers who make that choice and spend their lives away from their own children. So painful, noble,heart-wrenching — all the things you capture so beautifully.

  2. Brenda says:

    so beautiful…its one of my mission in life that i accomplished with flying colors… thanks for writing something inspired by me,feel special suddenly 🙂

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