End Of School

I remember taking him to preschool when aged two,

And perhaps his standing on the tables was a clue,

That school would need to be prepared for my son Ben,

That prophetic warning still as true now as it was then,

He wanted to be first in everything, even getting out of class,

And so kept his bag packed on his back waiting for time to pass,

He argued with the teachers, unacceptably proving them wrong,

And could not remain quietly seated unstimulated all day long,

He was fearless Tarzan in class and playground, breaking his limbs,

All I could do was pray for his safety with chants and with hymns,

In lessons standard and rerun he learnt sudoku and newspapers he read,

And gained his knowledge from nonstop questioning of life instead,

The telephone calls from the school to his parents, to me,

Came too often, teaching a mother to answer defensively,

The teachers to keep up their energy increased their caffeine intake,

Instead of him popping with the other kids retalin pills at break,

But despite being an institution catering for kids to be standard,

My boy, an out of the box thinker, hyperactive has landed,

At the finishing line of his school days, still as bright as can be,

The educational system and its rules have now set him free,

To embrace his many talents in the school of life learning,

The recipe for success, happiness, and true wisdom discerning.

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