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What If

What if you had not known that Al Qaeda terrorists with planes had crashed into the Twin Towers, WHAT? Would you have blamed the architects and builders for the deaths, collapsing buildings, the lot? What if you didn’t see or … Continue reading

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The Stench Of War

At times of hostility and war there is a lot that comes to mind, The awful sights, the sounds, the pain and human acts of kind, But has anyone considered the SMELL, is what dawned on me, Of all those … Continue reading

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What To Wear To A Barmitzvah In Times Of War

We were invited to a barmitzvah at the start of this war, An evening of fun, dancing and good food in store, I looked into my cupboard to choose what to wear, But it was not like dressing for a … Continue reading

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Summer, Wars And Stuff

The sun is shining, the sky so blue, I could dive into it, swimming through, The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, Whilst the builder opposite is busy working, It looks like a normal day like any yesterday, But … Continue reading

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This man rang me on the phone and I answered hello, Wondering what he wanted this unknown fellow, He offered me a job, recommended I had been, And I reacted surprised and not really that keen, It took a minute … Continue reading

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The Strength Of A Woman

Our small nation and the world were witness to a light, From the mothers dealing with their kidnapped boys plight, Only words of thanks, and love were they heard to speak, As they waited, waited, waited, day after day and … Continue reading

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