The Strength Of A Woman

Our small nation and the world were witness to a light,

From the mothers dealing with their kidnapped boys plight,

Only words of thanks, and love were they heard to speak,

As they waited, waited, waited, day after day and week after week,

They did not accuse or blame or spout even a particle of hate,

Which would have been acceptable in their most anguished state,

These women modest, not used to a stage and so softly spoken,

They made us love their boys as ours, a small, but inevitable token,

Of their example and the glow that shone and radiated from them,

Holding up their near ones and also us like that of a flower’s stem,

Three women, ordinary, but extraordinary from different walks of life,

Who each presented themselves to us as just a mother and a wife,

We prayed and hoped that their sons would be returned unharmed,

Instead they were killed, three innocent boys, children unarmed,

And so now we are all in mourning, a whole nation united,

It is not just three family’s whose lives have been blighted,

But these mothers have taught us how to be strong a woman’s way,

To be copied and emulated in memory of their boys being buried today.

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2 Responses to The Strength Of A Woman

  1. Linda Hirsch says:

    this was truly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

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