The Stench Of War

At times of hostility and war there is a lot that comes to mind,

The awful sights, the sounds, the pain and human acts of kind,

But has anyone considered the SMELL, is what dawned on me,

Of all those people who can’t shower, afraid of having to flee,

When naked and wet with soap and shampoo lathered about,

The siren sounding at bathing time and having to get out,

The soldiers who have not been able to go home and ensure,

Clothes are cleaned and toiletries replenished from the store,

Instead those conscripted persons do not have time to change,

Out of their sweat drenched uniforms in firing and rocket range,

Antiperspirant no longer living up to the advertisers peace time claim,

The stink, body odor from their underarms must partly be to blame,

I am wondering if armies realize that this is a security breach,

For any secret mission would fail as the stench would surely reach,

The other side, the foe, before the soldiers were even near,

Making the identity of an approaching body of men evidently clear,

In addition to winning a war, of cleanliness, I surely recommend,

Emergency supplies of clean uniforms and deodorant, to send,

And baths of peace bubbles, to wash away the fighting like soap,

To wipe away the dirt of war and instill the scent of hope.

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