Selling War

The reporters reported what they saw,

The devastation, the innocents killed and more,

The reporters reported everything…well no,

There were rules, which they followed and so,

Few if any images of the Hamas missiles firing,

From hospitals, schools, hotels, clinics with wiring,

No pictures of the poor kids grabbed as a shield,

By terrorists not caring their children would be killed,

No pictures of the Hamas leadership safe abroad,

In countries where terrorists are funded, not outlawed,

No videos from these journalists of the care,

The Israeli soldiers used their arsenal with, to spare,

As many innocent people, but still protecting,

Their country the Hamas rockets were affecting,

No pictures of each three million dollar terror tunnel,

For terrorists to attack Israeli communities and gun all,

Why? Because the reporters wanted to report,

And if they had shown the world and been caught,

They would have been in danger, killed, or sent packing,

Then their media outlets would have been surely lacking,

So instead they fuelled and supported a one-sided fight,

Where the Israelis indiscriminately abused their might,

And crushed the innocents, those treacherous Jews,

Because the reporters thought it would sell their news,

And the media was right, the public loved what they fed it,

And Hamas thanks you, for selling their propoganda hit.



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One Response to Selling War

  1. A.K. Maleeke says:

    You are kidding with this poem? The human shield idea is pathetic, no one has ever grabbed a child and shielded himself. 1800+ civilian deaths is not due to that pathetic notion. I guess shelling a UN school full of civilians is an excuse as human shield. In addition, the media does not show Gaza as the victim but the contrary. Revise the poem and detail the truth. Have a nice day 🙂

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