How New Is The New Year

Have you noticed how people love new,

Not sure I fall into that category too,

I love the familiar, wrinkled with time,

The knowing, the tried and tested, I’m,

Not sure about what has not been,

That which is not yet, cannot be seen,

New is so fleeting, and then it is not,

It is old, time redefining it no matter what,

So, how to relate to what we call the New Year,

Should one be excited full of joy and cheer,

For a future of newness all rosy and pink,

Or perhaps it would be appropriate to think,

Of the New Year as a mixture of nows soon to be old,

In which our personal stories will surely unfold,

And in which each new moment is linked to the last,

Our paths paved with blocks of New becoming our past,

So continue your journey in both the new old and the new,

Treading that bridge in good health to New Year happiness true.

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One Response to How New Is The New Year

  1. redgladiola says:

    I was going to say, the new will become old when the poem took that turn for itself. Yes! Best to embrace both. =)

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