With a one of a kind accent, you taught little me,

English words that were not English literally,

A berzechug, was a bears hug, obviously,

Even if it was not in the Oxford dictionary,

And the word you often used ‘thets’, I now see

Was a more eager form of ‘let’s’, said accentedly,

I learnt that every few hours it is time to eat,

A lemon tea essential for a meal to be complete,

Breakfast is several courses, bircher mueseli to start,

Followed by salads and fish a la carte,

Coffee and orange juice, a cracker or two,

After all you want to make sure that you,

Are full up until it’s time for sandwiches at ten,

A sacred tradition, for Gellert women and men,

The television was part of our family, always there,

Switched on, sitting in the corner, without a care,

You shouted at it, if it did not show what you liked,

But it took the abuse solidly, when you got psyched,

You poked it with a stick, as you sat in your seat,

Your garinim next to you and a pouffe for your feet,

Meetings, meetings, meetings nearly every night,

Daddy in the newspaper involved in a stand up fight,

Daddy’s best hobby demonstrating, oh such good fun,

Walking with banners and shouting, the occasional run,

We enjoyed lots of fresh air and exercise, in this way,

Who needed walks in the countryside on a Sunday,

Our family of five, You, mum, me, Li and the TV,

Lived at Number 20 Renters Ave, many years happily,

Where the furniture was worn and cosy, a real home,

And the garden had a fish pond and a real garden gnome,

Now you have exchanged the pond for a view of the sea,

Living in Israel, where you have always wanted to be,

Carry on teaching us how to live life, the way only you can,

As a father, husband, grandfather, friend and as a man,

And thank you for showing us the secret to happiness true,

That there should always be a cake to eat, preferably two.

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