Can You Have Too Many Friends

Just a casual remark at a café set me thinking about,

In fact it caused the beginning of a shadowy doubt,

That having too many friends may not be so good,

If you want to act to them as a true friend should,

I like buying birthday gifts and seeing the pleasure,

Of being thought of and this small token or measure,

Of appreciation for this person being who they are,

Treating them for one, short day like a superstar,

But evidently this sentiment is not for everyone,

I was told by someone that this cannot be done,

She has too many friends, there would be no end,

A greeting is as much as she’s prepared to spend,

And whilst everyone ate at the café, I chewed on this,

It seemed that there was something wrong, amiss,

This person ate a croissant with coffee to drink,

She could not order more and why do you think,

With so many friends, one needs to go out a lot,

With limited finances that you have got or not,

Facebook I realized was for those very people in need,

With too many friends to be a real friend indeed,

Virtual greetings galore on birthdays, quick and for free,

Thousands of friends to search and to see,

Messaging and posts with names, a whole group,

Whilst eating at home, socializing in the loop,

How many is too many friends and what is really real,

On friends birthdays do you LIKE to make a big deal?

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