She sat there, her mother, sister, grandmothers by her side,

A vision in white, glowing and smiling, she sat there the bride,

And above and around her was a cloud of emotion, charged,

As the family seemingly both contracted and enlarged,

Only women framed her, singing songs in girly tones,

Whilst others tapped to the music into their phones,

And we waited and waited barely able to breathe for,

The moment she would go through an invisible door,

When she would pass from her parents to,

A family that she was now forming, brand new,

The men were coming, I could hear their male voice,

Headed by the groom, her man, her choice,

The clothed wedding players were naked now,

Their feelings etched on their faces and how,

Her father overcome, a silent sob in his eyes,

His little girl grown up taking him by surprise,

Her husband to be had a look of love, so pure,

Proving to her unquestionably this would endure,

It was such a private moment when their eyes met,

It felt wrong to look, to be a voyeur of this, yet,

We all gazed, watching as she walked over to him,

Even as she still sat there, veiled, pretty and slim,

The moment had passed, the transition done, a leap,

Tears gone, replaced with smiles etched so very deep,

And mother, father took hold of her hands and led,

She, forever their daughter, to her groom to be wed.

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