Are We All Media Shaped Women

What has she done to her face,

It’s different, oh what a disgrace,

Has she had it surgically tweaked,

To before her youth teetered and peaked,

The star denied, the star did blush,

She wanted it all to be hush hush,

Magazine photo magics perfect body,

A glimpse of fat would be shoddy,

Computer clicking here and there,

Just enough to get away with, dare,

Thighs and lines rubbed right out,

Newly defined cheeks, perfect pout,

The singer on stage in fashionable nude,

Her manager said that it wasn’t rude,

The media demanding not just more skin,

But provocative dancing if you want in,

Old age locked up in happily ever after,

Ugly sisters and witches cackling laughter,

We are brought up on a diet of fairy tales,

We have bought into what the media sells,

Do we continue to perpetuate the lie,

Or is it time to say no and to defy,

To demand talent undiluted by sex,

Real bodies with flab, not all pecs,

Where wrinkles are respected and age,

Given prime time on film and stage,

We take back control from media men,

If we don’t start now, then when,

Can we return to the real in all its forms,

And redefine for our kids female norms.

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