A Healer Of Man

A tribute to Dalya Lemkus z”l

She painted birds, birds flying high,

She painted flying I wonder why,

She mended bodies to be used again,

She used her love to take away pain,

She volunteered, she, a healer of man

Her life part of G-d’s bigger plan,

Evil aimed his car and drove her down,

Her life wrapped around her like a gown,

But she still tasted the nectar of living,

So picked herself up bravely, not giving,

Up to him, this destroyer of good, of man,

Seven minutes to home that was her plan,

She drew a bird drinking nectar sweet,

Hovering, in ecstasy, sipping flower’s meat,

She drank life, enabling others to drink,

To lift up the weak that they didn’t sink,

But The destroyer of man hadn’t finished,

His anger and hatred had not diminished,

Evil stabbed his knife into her again,

And again, and again trying in vain,

To destroy her, a healer of man, she,

To murder, that she would not be,

Life sapping out of her, she hovered above,

Drinking the last tastes of a life of love,

Knowing it was time to fly like a bird,

Leaving her unique song still to be heard,

As he stabbed her one more time, evil he,

Broke her body now successfully,

But failed to touch her spirit flying high,

Home, continuing to heal, never to die.

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One Response to A Healer Of Man

  1. Liora says:

    Such a moving tribute to a special person.

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