The Voice

The Synagogue choir sang out for all to hear,

But their beautiful music was made less dear,

By one fervent lady who stood nearby,

Who enjoyed singing and did not see why,

Being tone deaf should stop her from,

Very loudly joining in bomdideebom.

Out of tune was no big deal to her,

The option of abstaining did not occur,

And so on top of her voice she sang loud,

Standing out from all singers in the crowd,

Until one She Lady could stand it no more,

The noise made her head feel very sore,

And so She rang the synagogue to complain,

To stop this Voice from causing pain,

As She described the culprit and her complaint,

To the synagogue operator without constraint,

The operator owned up it was actually her Voice,

Uncomfortably presenting at least one choice,

Should her Voice apologize and refrain from song?

Or admonish that there was nothing wrong?

Is singing a prayer about the melody and the note?

Where non-talented people affect the spiritual vote,

Can their out of key affect the communal sung prayer?

And if yes, would their silencing still be unfair?

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