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As 2014 ends, we note and remember, Notable events from January to December, The year the big bottom made a comeback, And North Korea backed the big Sony hack, Oil prices dropped so very, very low, Dropped down Virgin spacecraft … Continue reading

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My Chanukah Gift

Priced for every pocket, you can get a Menorah really cheap, So everyone can have their own to light each night and keep, But Plenty was not invented when I was oh so young, Rich and poor had one Menorah … Continue reading

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The Lowest Of Thieves

Does a thief have standards of what, Is okay to take and that which is not, A set of rules, wouldn’t you have thought, Self-respecting thieves would’ve been taught, Not to steal from the cemetery and the dead, Where the … Continue reading

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With Us Forever

We climb the hill, withered grass again turning green, The path, view, stones, same, as last year’s had been, But we are not as we were, how could we be? You gifted us new eyes with which to see, The … Continue reading

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Who’s looking

I glanced at the paper’s photo of the reality star, Looking fabulously plastic out of her car, Ignored in this picture was a friend or a maid, Who carried an umbrella, had come to her aid, This other person’s coat … Continue reading

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Crushing The Weak

The National Insurance Building, floor one, Is where the crushing of the weak is done, The Medical Committee is sitting today, To decide who’s entitled to their sick pay, The afflicted gather in the windowless room, Dejected, defeated, full of … Continue reading

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