Who’s looking

I glanced at the paper’s photo of the reality star,

Looking fabulously plastic out of her car,

Ignored in this picture was a friend or a maid,

Who carried an umbrella, had come to her aid,

This other person’s coat was not done up proper,

Buttons attached to the wrong button stopper,

So one side of the coat hang all wrong,

One part bunched up and the other too long,

There was not a reference or a word about this,

Like she was invisible, this poor anonymous miss,

And I wondered why, had nobody seen,

And how humiliated I would have been,

But then came relief remembering that,

My shirt was inside out when I had been at,

The supermarket last week on view in the shop,

The inside out bits and labels of my top,

No worries now, not being a celeb face,

I knew nobody had looked to see my disgrace.

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