With Us Forever

We climb the hill, withered grass again turning green,

The path, view, stones, same, as last year’s had been,

But we are not as we were, how could we be?

You gifted us new eyes with which to see,

The world, people, their weaknesses and love,

And strength which is physical, spiritual, and above,

All you taught us to communicate without a word,

To understand a message not vocal, but heard,

We strive to be that better person, because of you,

Complicated made simple by change of view,

To appreciate living, warm home, and food to eat,

The ability to walk and love, family and to compete,

Only against ourselves, who we were yesterday,

You left, but still help us to find the right way,

You are at the beginning and end of a prayer and never,

Are we alone, as we carry you lovingly in us forever.

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One Response to With Us Forever

  1. Beatrice gellert says:

    Very moving, very true. Mum

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