The Lowest Of Thieves

Does a thief have standards of what,

Is okay to take and that which is not,

A set of rules, wouldn’t you have thought,

Self-respecting thieves would’ve been taught,

Not to steal from the cemetery and the dead,

Where the departed lie in an eternal bed,

A place where snatched spirits can be found,

Where sadness and loss already abound,

Where loved ones have been taken,

From families, reduced and forsaken,

What type of thief steals from there?

How could they have the gall, to dare?

Pinch whatever they can find to sell,

Without thought of Heaven and of Hell,

But before robbing a graveyard, be aware,

There’s always somebody at home there,

Reported, no knowing what the courts will do,

It’s Divine punishment that’ll be awaiting you.

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