My Chanukah Gift

Priced for every pocket, you can get a Menorah really cheap,

So everyone can have their own to light each night and keep,

But Plenty was not invented when I was oh so young,

Rich and poor had one Menorah around which they sung,

Except for me I still remember, how special I did feel,

As each year my father handed me a gift and with a squeal,

I unwrapped a menorah he had made out of electronic part,

He had connected nine glass valves and formed a piece of art,

From bits and pieces and leftovers used at work, in the factory,

He’d made a futuristic Menorah, that was just for little me,

In the age of plenty most kids would not understand now,

Such a feeling of appreciation and pleasure, the sheer wow,

My own Chanukah miracle, which even so many years gone bye,

Still awakens at lighting time, that lit excitement refusing to die.

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