As 2014 ends, we note and remember,

Notable events from January to December,

The year the big bottom made a comeback,

And North Korea backed the big Sony hack,

Oil prices dropped so very, very low,

Dropped down Virgin spacecraft causes woe,

Ebola outbreak, causing death and worldwide fear,

Isis cruelty, videoed beheadings to witness and hear,

Classrooms witness Pakistani kids’ murder, revulsion,

Terrorists in Australia, fanatics towering compulsion,

A sea of ceramic poppies surrounded The Tower,

Of London, art instillation field of red flower,

One hundred years since the red soldiers’ blood,

Spilled in the World War I trenches of mud,

Millions of people spilled buckets of ice,

Over their heads, the ALS challenge price,

Airplanes lost overhead, Malaysian, and one,

Never found, foul play suspected, done,

Facebook found Whatsapp and made it theirs,

Nineteen billion dollars, best for their shares,

The best whisky was found in Japan, no Scot,

The Scots still with Britain, referendum they got,

Why not raise your glasses wherever you may be,

To a more peaceful 2015 for every He She and Me.

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