Penning In The Pen

Sticks and stones may break bones, right?

But words will never hurt me, might,

Not be so true as we thought, well no,

Look what happened at Charlie Hebdo,

Freedom and liberty printed for controversy,

Articles and jokes for the right of advocacy,

The pen and its art to dislike or to enjoy,

For some amusement, for some to annoy,

Print running free in all directions, why,

Sometimes what’s needed is a critical eye,

Cartoons, pictures, no intended harm,

Only red hot ink spilled so stay calm,

But THEY wanted to pen the pen,

To imprison its words, and then,

Stop the hand from using its tool,

Satirical humor will not be for all,

Instead of fighting pen with pen,

THEY drew guns and killed men,

But THEY lose against the side of write,

‘Cos Freedom of expression is our might.

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One Response to Penning In The Pen

  1. Beatrice gellert says:

    Brilliant xx Mum

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