A Letter Of Warning To The Army

This new soldier is fully armed,

Any adversary should be alarmed,

Her auburn eyes light up a room,

Her smile destroys a threat of gloom,

Her dimples take you unawares,

A bad hair day, she rages, scares,

Until the tongs have straightened out,

Beware, she does not mess about,

War paint, she has drawers of the stuff,

But her motto is there is never enough,

To transform, mask features, a whole face,

She’ll lend her skill to the army base,

Do not expect her to combat fight,

Her nails are precious and they might,

Break or chip her nail varnish, real gel,

You don’t want to let loose a war of Hell,

The uniform she will expertly accessorize,

Not for fashion, but to cunningly surprise,

The enemy, who she will baffle and fool,

With Kardashian strategy and all things cool,

A word of advice to whoever is in charge, try,

Not to upset her or you’ll make her cry,

Tears her arsenal, tested and perfected to,

Defeat, make all surrender, including you.

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