Scared To Offend

Was delighted to accept a dinner invitation,

A culinary sort of birthday celebration,

Then remembered their dog, a frisky white hound,

Rescued a few years ago from the doggie pound,

What was I to do, I can’t help my fear,

I could not sit inside, with a canine near,

So the dog was banished to outside the door,

Where it could play in the back garden, or,

Bark and cry and whine begging to be let in,

I chatted at the table, ignoring his woof and din,

Maybe it could be held, I did feel mean, okay,

But they could not promise to keep it at bay,

We made it to dessert, silence, not even a yap,

It had probably tired, was taking a nap,

Enjoyment without guilt, the meal complete,

Phew, I had avoided becoming doggie meat,

After all a dog was an irrational thing, who,

Did not do things a human being would do,

So why when we left, did the dog refuse?

To move off the patio floor as if to accuse,

Us, me, of having cruelly punished,

An innocent mutt, wrongly banished,

They tried enticing him inside, but no,

He was hurt and wanted to let all know,

They would have to beg, and spoil him before,

He would agree to come in through the front door,

I felt bad as it occurred to me I’d been so dogged,

The mutt could be trusted, my judgment was fogged,

With tail between my legs, I apologise offended canine,

Your logic and emotional intelligence are greater than mine.

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3 Responses to Scared To Offend

  1. Jetty says:

    Dahls, you should get over your fear
    And just let the dogs come near

  2. debbie says:

    sometimes its ok to put a dog in its place 🙂

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