A Touchy Feely Computer

All considering, I took the news quite well,

Besides the tears and a rant and yell,

My most cherished possession had deserted,

A stuck key, error message, shockingly alerted,

And so began my search for a laptop, new,

A computer to call my own, was urgently due,

My fingers twitching I researched what to buy,

But with so many choices I could not rely,

On a spec, an opinion, an image I could virtually see,

After all this was about real intimacy between it and me,

From shop to shop I dragged myself and,

I could not make anyone really understand,

It was not about memory, processors or screen,

It was about look and feel, d’ya know what I mean,

I made them open the boxes so that I could touch,

The keys and board and measure how much,

Smoothness and whether my fingers glided fast,

My wrists unhindered by a rough surface cast,

And I checked how nice it was on my eyesight,

Without designer combination of colors which might,

Interfere with my relationship with this machine, oh,

The scowling shop assistants didn’t get it, you know,

Programmed to quote RAM, hardware, all,

But, forgetting the stroke is the most basic tool.

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