Is Anyone Really Free

To scrub and clean so that no crumbs are in sight,

For the Festival of Freedom, does not seem right,

And while I nurse my muscles, hands dried out,

I wonder puzzled what this Freedom is about,

Not being a slave, does not make one free,

Look around at you and at he and at she,

Conforming to society’s dictates, to be ruled,

Is not being really free, don’t be fooled,

Working all day in the office, for a wage,

At six pm unlocked from workers cage,

That is not freedom, slaves to your work,

Deadlines and profit, you dare not shirk,

All yous plugged into phones, night and day,

One more whatsapp peek, what did he say,

Is that being free, posting all that you do,

Letting anybody and everyone look at you,

Dressing up, painting your faces to be seen,

Scared to show your nakedness, without preen,

How free do you feel, I’m not so sure,

When you step out of your front door,

We have freedom, but choose not to be free,

Or perhaps being truly free is impossible to be.

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