Preparing For The Siren

I walked into the shop, half an hour to spare,

I did not want to hear the siren whilst there,

I threw frozen things in my basket, waited in line,

I still had ten minutes, yes everything was fine,

The stress took hold, food falling out from a bag,

Carrying shopping caused my shoulders to sag,

I walked fast trying to make it to an ideal spot,

To stand for the siren, shady, not that hot,

But it got me a bit too soon, as it sounded,

So I and my shopping quickly bounded,

To a standstill, I inclined my head down,

But in this position I could not see the town,

I looked up naughtily, siren filling the air,

Cars stopped mid driving, people still, everywhere,

The scene was frozen, only the tweet of a bird,

Mixed with the tune of the siren is what I heard,

Children, men, women, rich, poor, frozen silence,

Remembering those killed by war and violence,

The siren grew softer and I watched with its wane,

As the frozen cars, people, became unfrozen again.


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