Scam Proof

Vacation rentals, searched and googled,

Hundreds of flats compared and oogled,

And I found options, apartments galore,

Until I could not look at even one more,

What relief, the options were all great,

To stay in Manhattan, New York state,

Character, charm, living amongst the local,

Part of the sights, smell, sound and vocal,

But just before I booked and money was paid,

I realized that the listing could be made,

By anyone, and so how could I be sure,

That I would get the key to the front door,

And that the recipient of the virtual mail,

Was legally entitled to make the sale,

I hesitated, the options now less nice,

Would I be willing to pay the price?

Of being scammed, left homeless abroad,

Or could this scenario be safely ignored,

So I asked the Name to verify his connection,

Trying not to project mistrust or objection,

Prove that You are You and that It is yours,

No answer, silence… perhaps just honest pause.

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