First Days

It had arrived, today was that date,

But as usual, he was going to be late,

He dallied, whilst we closed up bags,

Full of underwear, thanks to my nags,

We arrived and there was quite a crowd,

Individual chatter one noise that was loud,

Lots of kids of all the same age, or about,

Rucksacks, of different sizes standing out,

It could have been a party, music played,

Pastries were eaten and drinks were made,

Oh how jolly, friends, groups, big and small,

One could hardly sense that there was wool,

Being pulled over our eyes, by them and by us,

To hide the undercurrent causing all the fuss,

It reminded me of kindergarten, the first day,

When I left him there and he had to stay,

And despite the games and the many a song,

Toddler and mother knew something was wrong,

But today, when his name was finally called,

The music stopped and we were no longer fooled,

That once he took a lollipop, stepped out of the door,

He would be a soldier… a civilian no more.

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