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When she’s happy she has this effect, It’s her ability to be able to reflect, Her mood onto you and well beyond, Like the wave of a magic fairy wand, It’s her dimples, they’re hers so unique, Cheekily hidden in … Continue reading

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Two Girls Aged Four

D’ya remember two girls aged four, Playing on the school playground floor, D’ya remember how we made believe, And laughed and skipped, so naïve, D’ya remember best of friends, then Chatting, phoning, and sleepovers when, D’ya remember leaving primary school, … Continue reading

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A Drizzle Of Meteorites

We travelled two hours, arriving late at night, Tremendously excited for the upcoming sight, No lights were allowed in the nearby town, and We stumbled from the car, in the dirt and sand, Then the wind blew dust, causing eyes … Continue reading

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The Heat Wave

The mercury in the thermometer well above hot, Being outside day or night, an option not, Wrapped up in air conditioning set at icy, The goal to be cold, however pricey, No exercise or physical activity, all warned, Sun and heat … Continue reading

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My first trip to that land they call the USA, Twelve hour flight part night and part day, Excitement and wonder, I thought that I knew, This place from my TV and described by you, Where people were free and … Continue reading

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