My first trip to that land they call the USA,

Twelve hour flight part night and part day,

Excitement and wonder, I thought that I knew,

This place from my TV and described by you,

Where people were free and fat, full of food,

Wearing skins of all colors the American dude,

America, the land of opportunities and in which,

Anyone could make it, be famous and rich,

No more slavery, where people are free,

To live and choose who they want to be,

No watching what you do, where you go,

Happy go lucky Americans and so,

Why did they take my identity without return,

My finger and eye prints, causing me concern,

Biometric me in their computer, no option to delete,

Leaving me feeling vulnerably incomplete,

Less free than when I entered that US land,

Powerless to get my identity back in my hand,

Never to really leave America, no flight,

For the part of me they’ve kept in a computer byte.

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