The Heat Wave

The mercury in the thermometer well above hot,

Being outside day or night, an option not,

Wrapped up in air conditioning set at icy,

The goal to be cold, however pricey,

No exercise or physical activity, all warned,

Sun and heat stroke for body too warmed,

News of those non-heeders, critically ill,

This sun was not friendly, burn and kill,

And so one son kept under my watchful eye,

Indoors away from harmful rays of sky,

Whilst the other in wintery boots, dressed,

In the boiling heat all hours, no cool rest,

Faced this force of nature, each single ray,

Only sweat available to cool his day,

A soldier learning a lesson of power, might,

Hands of nature and orders you cannot fight,

And a mother hiding away from the sun,

Which beat down on her other soldier son.

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