A Drizzle Of Meteorites

We travelled two hours, arriving late at night,

Tremendously excited for the upcoming sight,

No lights were allowed in the nearby town, and

We stumbled from the car, in the dirt and sand,

Then the wind blew dust, causing eyes to close,

So that now we could not even see a hand or nose,

Somehow a space was found that was free to lie in,

And we lay back readying for the show to begin,

Stars winking and glittering, jewels way up high,

So many more were visible in this dessert sky,

Patiently, I waited for the first meteorite to fall,

But I missed it turning as I heard somebody call,

There would be hundreds more, of shooting stars,

A laser pointed out constellations, planets, Mars,

A collective gasp, but meteorite I could not see,

Blocked, as a couple stood up right in front of me,

Now I saw them, streaks of silver and light,

Cosmic fireworks exploding, wondrous and bright,

It was awe inspiring this revealed world far away high,

Which transfixed us the audience and made us sigh,

But if the seeing depends on the how and the where,

Visible becoming invisible when too light the glare,

Perhaps more heavenly sights are there to view,

Just needing the right balance of light and dark too.

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