Two Girls Aged Four

D’ya remember two girls aged four,

Playing on the school playground floor,

D’ya remember how we made believe,

And laughed and skipped, so naïve,

D’ya remember best of friends, then

Chatting, phoning, and sleepovers when,

D’ya remember leaving primary school,

Knowing that together we could take on all,

D’ya remember getting older and boys,

Taking our attention instead of our toys,

D’ya remember walking roads not the same,

Our friendship not faltering, or going lame,

D’ya remember all the stories we told,

So much laughter worth its weight in gold,

D’ya remember when we got engaged,

And our lives were reset, altered, changed,

D’ya remember when each child was born,

Yours and mine, new mothers, tired and worn,

D’ya remember when we were angry and down,

And the other would listen, act the clown,

D’ya remember when things happened, bad,

And together we could cry and both be sad,

D’ya remember when your child was just wed,

Being there to steady you as your emotions fled,

And I took pause to look down the many a year,

At our friendship from both the far and the near,

Who would have believed it, not two girls aged four,

Playing make believe lives on the playground floor.

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