The Facebook Photo

Clicked computer camera, reviewed,

A photo of me, a little bit skewed,

Quality was poor, but it would do,

Functional for them to see who,

Them, those in the land of Facebook,

Who are posting, searching and like to look,

But I had done wrong without intent,

Received messages galore, I had not meant,

To offend, but this picture was not acceptable,

And I should know if I was Facebook respectable,

It was not pretty, I did not look good,

I looked tired, old and I could,

Not keep it up there for all to see,

It was not a Facebook picture of me,

But I liked the contrast of colours, hues,

Admittedly, not the best of my hair dos,

Natural makeup of black rings under eyes,

Showing tiredness, allergy, no hidden lies,

It was honest, interesting, and it shocked,

Selfie perfection was somehow mocked,

So I changed the photo to one properly nice,

Was not willing to pay the honesty price,

And I got like after like from everyone,

They sighed with relief that it was undone,

No more cause for concern in Facebook world,

And another beautiful Facebook day unfurled.

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