Looking For The Sun

The sun shone, beating down hot,

Sea, ice cream, summer whatnot,

Iced coffees, suntan cream smell,

Chat, quiet and laughter as well,

Jump into the bubble, feel real good,

Closed eyes, rose glasses understood,

Outside bubble sun is blotted black,

Cycle of murdering innocents back,

New orphans, transformed in a blink,

Witnesses of bloodshed, what to think,

Knives, stones, rocks and the gun,

Vengeance, martyrs, wars to be won,

Blood staining earth, spitting at peace,

Spurred on, encouraged, lost is cease,

And the heat, boiling does not stop,

Too hot, bursting bubble with a pop,

Outside tears, screams, horror, abound,

Replacing summer’s smile and sound,

And the sun refuses to shine just now,

One hopes it hasn’t forgotten how.

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One Response to Looking For The Sun

  1. Tulips says:

    Nice. Very well written.
    Do visit my blog. If you like what I write, feel free to Follow. 🙂

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