Looking The Other Way

Father and son gunned down in their car,

By terrorists acting out who they are,

Shooting and aiming to destroy, to kill,

Spreading black, ‘cos they can and they will,

Dying in the car are father and son,

Rest of the family has become undone,

Help approaches, an ambulance is near,

A chance of saving, the Red Crescent is here,

The blood from the injured is colour of Jew,

The ambulance knows what it has to do…

It does not stop, it leaves father and son,

The elder dies first and then the other one,

Red Crescent tainted, not saving lives that it could,

Distinguishing the blood from those that it would,

Apparently, here the blood of Jew can soak the ground,

No sirens, no medical treatment, no not even a sound.

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