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The Cost Of A Doughnut

It was memorable, an afternoon away, From computer where he sits all day, Two friends joined him in conjuring up, Sumptuous doughnuts on which to sup, Ingredients were bought, only the best, The cost worth it, as tasting would test, … Continue reading

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The Gift Of Life

Could not talk, Could not walk, He projected calm, Was angelic balm, To make you pause, To give you cause, To be better, more, That your only war, To appreciate life, The futility of strife, He spoke without word, His … Continue reading

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Film Viewing

Saturday night, off to the pics, Half an hour before start of flicks, Urgent message, starting time wrong, Going to be late, haven’t got long, No time to doll up, just grab my bag, Dressed with look of harried old … Continue reading

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