Film Viewing

Saturday night, off to the pics,

Half an hour before start of flicks,

Urgent message, starting time wrong,

Going to be late, haven’t got long,

No time to doll up, just grab my bag,

Dressed with look of harried old hag,

Queues to park, time ticking quickly,

Arrive at cinema hyperventilating, sickly,

File in with friends to the viewing hall,

Look for seat, refuse place next to wall,

And there it is, padded front row chair,

Lots of leg room from which to stare,

At the screen, not at eyelevel, but up high,

Craning ones neck like looking at sky,

Otherwise, if not contorting neck, head,

Comfortably seeing blank wall instead,

Movie started and it was a long one,

Crafty cinematography aimed to stun,

Spies, great acting as top actors will,

Watchable only if picture stayed still,

Being so near with face pointed up to see,

Picture moving, caused bouts of dizzy,

Had to close eyes during those scenes,

To avoid bringing up toast and beans,

But the film was good, everyone said,

I agreed with correct position of head,

And it was a true story based on spies,

But was it close to the facts or angled lies,

Truth seen differently depending from where,

Like films viewed from back or front row chair.

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