The Cost Of A Doughnut

It was memorable, an afternoon away,

From computer where he sits all day,

Two friends joined him in conjuring up,

Sumptuous doughnuts on which to sup,

Ingredients were bought, only the best,

The cost worth it, as tasting would test,

And even though we could have bought,

A dozen cream ones, I eagerly sought,

The delicious product son promised me,

Better than the bakery’s, I would see,

His new T-shirt was worn to demonstrate,

There was no point for me to remonstrate,

It would be fine, but of course it was not,

Covered with oil that had splashed a lot,

Cost of a T-shirt would be worth the taste,

They hurried the rising, with too much haste,

The most expensive flour was not that good,

Surely it would have risen if only it could,

The boys were not put off, ‘twas time to fry,

Award winning records they would defy,

But unfortunately whilst using the oil,

Spluttering on hand caused many a boil,

In fright and pain boy quickly jumped back,

Into glass cabinet, which started to crack,

Much money needed to replace the glass door,

Caused me pain, but was not nearly as sore,

As the burnt right hand, or the mothers concern,

When I called about the second degree burn,

One friend down, off to emergency he went,

And although good intentions had been meant,

I looked at the promised delicacies on a plate,

Balls, burnt on outside with inside raw state,

Not fit for digestion, only the rubbish bin,

Dietetic inedible doughnuts to keep us thin,

Husband had bought reserves just in case,

So commercial delicacies were eaten in place,

And however sweet and good they tasted,

I just thought of the pain and money wasted,

Tomorrow my son will be in front of his screen,

Where it would have been safer for him to have been,

Hundreds of dollars, doctor visits and disarray,

For any doughnut is too high a price to pay.

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