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I Am Not Dancing In The Rain

Each year first rain falling, I would hear the music calling, And outside my son and I, Would dance under leaky sky, The rain beating down sweet, Wetting faces, fingers, feet, Loving the rain dance groove, Chanting rain song as … Continue reading

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New Weddings

If he had been told about today, then, Would it have been easier, when, His life fell apart without warning, Wife walked out left him mourning, Would it have helped, a whisper that, New direction, just a crossroads at, Which … Continue reading

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The Healing Tree

The many roots of this tree, Twisted, exposed for all to see. Its trunk thick and old, was, Magnificent, perhaps because, It held secrets, mystery, more, This was but the central core, For magic worlds hidden between, The leaves, which … Continue reading

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It’s there, while you work or play, Near, while you laugh away, Watching, while you have fun, Close, when you bathe in the sun, Reaching, when you dance all night, Open, when your world is bright, Operating, while you flitter … Continue reading

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